Wire Sawing

What is Wire Sawing?

Wire sawing is a concrete cutting solution that is quick, efficient, economical and even environmentally friendly, with minimal air pollution and noise. A wire saw can cut though almost anything from rock, to concrete to reinforced steel and is a great solution for hard to reach places, even underwater. There is no limit to the depth with wire sawing, the result is a precise cut, with a smooth and clean surface. How is this done?  A wire saw system relies on a series of guided pulleys to draw a continuous loop of diamond wire through otherwise impenetrable material creating any desired shape or directional cut with ease.

Wire Sawing Application:

  • Underwater Cuts
  • Cutting depths that exceed conventional tools
  • Bridge sections and piers
  • Large slabs of reinforced concrete
  • Steel encased concrete
  • Cutting Granite
  • Cutting Marble
  • concrete retaining walls
  • heavily reinforced rebar