Dowel Drilling

What is Dowel Drilling?

Dowel drilling is a process of drilling holes into the concrete slab for installation of dowel pins. Dowel drilling is often used in the process of assembling large, weight bearing structures that need extensive support.

There are several types of dowel drilling we utilize two of these; these include On-grade, and a slab-rider. Although each piece of equipment achieves the same result their operation characteristics differ greatly. On-grade drills mount on the subgrade level and are equipped with dual-purpose guide wheels to easily transition from riding along the face of the slab to moving around the jobsite. In addition, On-grade drills have the ability to drill horizontal or vertical and are capable of drilling on center whether the slab is 6 inches or 24 inches thick.

Slab-riders are typically larger in size than on-grade models. Slab-Riders work from the top and are meant to leave the subgrade undisturbed. Like the On-grade, slab-riders can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. Slab-riders are extremely maneuverable and highly productive.

Dowel Drilling Applications:

• Airport projects
• Lane additions
• Full depth repairs
• Bridges
• Large patchwork jobs