Core Drilling

What is Core Drilling?

Also known as diamond core drilling is technique commonly performed using diamond bits. As one of the hardest naturally occurring materials in the world diamonds, as you can imagine can cut through almost anything. The diamond bits are ideal for creating clean, cylindrical openings in a wide range of materials. This precision instrument uses a non-percussive technique that can create holes with diameters of between 1/2″ to more than 36″ with little dust. This machine can be used in a horizontal or vertical direction, which means coring can be done in slabs and walls, or on any angle depending on the requirements.

Core Drilling Applications:

• Can used in any situation where precise holes are required
• Large openings for ducts
• Smaller holes for pipes or wiring
• Creating holes for the placement or anchor bolts
• Concrete sample analysis
• Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC
• Telecommunications